Corporate Video Guide

Mastering Corporate Video Production | taught by Corbyn & Caleb

Guide Description

The Corporate Video Guide is a master class designed for corporate filmmakers. The guide consists of 5 sections with over 5 hours of training.

The Corporate Video Guide is build on three concepts:

1. Build Strong Client Relationships
Learn how to put together a solid pre-production system that puts your clients at ease and let’s them know you have their back.

2. Produce Creative AND Effective Work
Doing so will translate to sales for your clients and therefore sales for you.

3. Create a Sustainable and Profitable Production Company
Learn how to put together budgets, figure out rates and bill effectively so that your production company can grow and thrive.

Corbyn & Caleb
Corbyn & Caleb

Corbyn Tyson

Corbyn Tyson is the director and founder of the production company Frank & Harvey. He has produced work for many big brands including Bentley Motor Company, Sargento, Kinhr and many more. You can see Corbyn's work on the Frank & Harvey website.

Caleb Pike

Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and founder of DSLR Video Shooter. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

Guide Curriculum

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