Panasonic G7 Video Guide

Master Video on the Panasonic G7 | taught by Caleb Pike

Course description

The G7 Guide is your road map to mastering video on the Panasonic G7.

I produced this video training specifically for budget minded filmmakers who want to harness the full power of this amazing little 4K camera.
No matter what you shoot, this guide has everything you need to take this small stills camera and turn it into a cinematic video shooting machine.

Caleb Pike
Caleb Pike

Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and youtuber. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

Reviews (29)

by Christian rangel

Muito bom!

by José Monteiro

Just fine

by Tito Carrillo
Very helpful course for a novice like me who is just getting into making music video tutorials. I will look up more of your videos to learn more about what needs to be done in post production, but I feel this video gives me a great foundation in what my new G7 is capable of. Thanks Caleb!
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by Christian rangel

Muito bom!

by José Monteiro

Just fine

by Tito Carrillo
Very helpful course for a novice like me who is just getting into making music video tutorials. I will look up more of your videos to learn more about what needs to be done in post production, but I feel this video gives me a great foundation in what my new G7 is capable of. Thanks Caleb!

Muy bueno

by Norberto Laplata Tome
Recomendado a todo aquel que quiera sacar el mejor partido a su cámara G7. Muy completito. Gracias Caleb Pike

Awesome course

by christopher melcher
Perfect amount of detail. Thank you for making this

by omar bitar

by Marc Humpert

by Christopher Ernst


by Katrina Hargrave
Update from Caleb Pike: Thank you for the feedback Katrina! We've recently updated the guide to include updated links. Original Review: Sorry, I really wanted to like this G7 guide and I do appreciate the work you put into it when you first created it. Unfortunately, in 2020, many of the links to recommend Gear don’t link to anything and/or the gear is no longer sold. If the gear recommends didn’t take up so much of the guide, this wouldn’t be a problem and if this was a hardback book ( where updating links would be impossible) this would be understandable, however, aside from the settings portion, this guide left me having to do just as much self-research on Amazon, eBay, etc ( using Caleb’s And other’s recommendations) as I would have had to have done without purchasing the guide. At least 3 or so of the pdf links DO work, so I know it is possible. It’s just a lack of update. Again, appreciate the effort. Not the proper value for the money, though. Disappointed and can’t say I can trust to purchase any more information from here.

Taught Me A Lot About The G7!

by Frank Jacobs
When I first got this camera, I had no clue how to use it. This course took me from a complete beginner to now being somewhat competent. I still have a lot to learn, but I'd say I now have an excellent foundation to build on.

An amazing bargain

by Taylor Davis
The best part of this course is it not only teaches you about how to setup & use the g7 specifically, but also teaches you about filming in general that you can apply to any camera or future shoot. There are amazing budget friendly recommended tools that you could use even for future cameras you may buy & even tutorials on how to use tools that have nothing to do with the g7 but apply to any shoot you may be doing, for $20 you get a guide on the g7 & a crash course on how to film a shoot. absolutely recommend buying this course if you are a beginner film maker or g7 owner. Its also worth noting that you get a ton of information in a very short hour & a half session, im incredibly satisfied with this purchase.

I expected MORE!

by W. Abraham Navas
It is useful, but not $20.00 useful. He made the video and definitely read some stuff, but I'm definitely disappointed. He is still one of my Favorite five on YouTube till this day though... Keep it up Brother!!!...

by Brandon Goodale

G7 Guide

by Randy Wong
Hello Caleb, I want to say a big thank you for the comprehensive, easy-to-understand approach yet essential guide and points for all new users of G7. This guide has been very helpful to me. There are many new users of G7, I believe, like me, who appreciate this very much. I hope you o.k. if I contact you in future if I encounter an issue with G7.

Meh - Nothing to rave about

by Benjamin Steedman
Was expecting a lot more substance to this guide for $30AUD ($20USD). A few decent tips here and there but nothing that justifies the cost of the guide. Would have been a great Youtube series but as a paid guide I found it extremely lacking compared to other online content I've paid for from different sources.

Great Teacher

by Jason Butler
This is exactly the type of Guide I have been looking for. The section where he goes through the G7 menus on setting up the camera for video is what I have been waiting for. I can never seem to find anyone willing to go through the small details of technology, until now. The budget shoot setup is another great section. I am a big fan of your YouTube Channel and really appreciate all of your hard work.

by Aaron Palomo

More than just a camera guide -- it got me started making videos for my job

by Craig Canine
Through his YouTube channel DSLR Video Shooter, Caleb has become my trusted guide into what is, for me, the entirely new field of making videos (and on a tight budget). He guided my selection of camera (the G7) as well as lighting and sound equipment -- and also taught me enough about how to use them that I've received kudos (from my boss and others) for the results. I've watched A LOT of other YouTubers review cameras and related gear, and Caleb is the most rock-solid, down-to-earth, detailed, and interesting of the lot. This guide is more of the same, but even better. So thanks, Caleb! I bought the G7 with company money, but think I'll step up a bit to the G85 for my own personal rig -- so I'm looking forward to watching and studying that guide next.


by Jose Manuel Blanco Diaz
Just finished the guide, It is absolutely helpful, goes straight to the point in each topic. Hope to find more complete courses soon, maybe like this one but in general topics (interview filming and that kind of stuff) Greetings from Spain

Very worthwhile

by Ben Bloks
Though already shooting with this camera for more then a year (stills and video), I still learned quite a lot how to use better settings for this camera for video-shooting. Thanks to the very clear and comprehensive presentation of Caleb. Great course and worth the money.

Awesome, great kick start for my future vlogging videos.

by Albert Deleon
Caleb laid out steps and equipment simply and thoroughly. Would purchase it again, if I had to.

Absolutely Worth Every Penny!

by David Gelle
$20 to get the best use of your camera possible. WHY WOULD YOU NOT SPEND A SIMPLE $20 TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR $500 CAMERA!??? Great G7 video guide.

Best guide for the Lumix G7 PERIOD!!!

by Tamond Wilson
If you are new to the Lumix G7 or just purchasing one, this should be the 1st video you watch. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the features of this camera but after watching this i felt right at home! Everything is broken down well and you even get some affordable upgrade tips (EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!). If you are debating just do yourself a favor and buy this!!!

What I was looking for

by Van Moore
I still cannot find a book (or the like) that explains "How to" use the Panasonic Lumix G7. When I googled how to make videos on the G7, your instructional video came up several times. This course was exactly what I needed. Something to tell me how and where to start. NOT telling me this is how you shoot a video. I am just starting, no college classes about video or filmmaking. I just wanted to know to set up the camera so that I could start learning by doing. This is what your video course has provided. Now I feel confident to start taking videos, start experimenting and start with my next-level of questions.

Nice Course

by Akinola Hassan
I was impressed. I had my G7 for a few months. I've done some shoots and actually shot a short film with it. So initially I was skeptical that I would already know alot of the info already. However I learned quite a few new things from this guide. It was money well spent. I appreciate the work. Nice job. Thank you!

by Daniel Simler

by Tibray Cousins

by Vitaly Borisov


by Edward Gardner
This course is well put together and for the price you can not beat it!! The instructor is great presenter and well organized. This really got me up and going with the G7 ultra-fast.