Panasonic G85 Video Guide

Master video on the Panasonic G85 | taught by Caleb Pike
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Susana Bort

Excellent course

I think if you are new to the Panasonic cameras and to shooting video this is a fantastic course, well worth the money. Easy to follow and to the point so you don't get confuse with all the different options. I'm glad I've got it.

Kostas Moura

Roderick Leverett

Susana Bort

I think if you are new to the Panasonic cameras and to shooting video this is a fantastic course, well worth the money. Easy to follow and to the point so you don't get confuse with all the different options. I'm glad I've got it.

Kostas Moura

Roderick Leverett

Raymond Bleth

Ian McDonald

Josip Cindric

Really great guide, learned a lot, I had this camera for about a week before purchasing this guide and after watching all the videos I really started to understand how to properly set this camera for certain use. Saved myself a lot of searching a...

Slobodan Dabovic

marouane zouari

ed car

Jesse Anderson

Thanks Caleb for all the hard work and amazing results. I love your stuff and was happy to throw you a few bucks for an in depth guide like this (not to mention your YouTube stuff)!

Donald Clementin

This is the best training on how to use the camera and how to get started I can imagine. The training videos are first rate and easy to follow. You can return to any previous lesson for review. The explanations are clear and concise. This brought ...

Otis Woodard

This is the second course I've taken with Caleb. Wow, the guy sure knows his stuff and he sure knows how to convey with he knows. Honestly, this course on the G85 is worth 4x what he charges for it. Saved me hours and hours of time... and I still ...

Preston Thomas

Very efficient and informative overview of the G85's settings, as well as some of the fundamental concepts of cinematography. (The applications of shutter, aperture, and ISO to cinematography are explained far more effectively here than anywhere e...

Josue Rodriguez

I knew about the guide for a while as I'm a subscriber to the Youtube channel. Finally I wanted to get more serious about using my G85 and this was the logical choice. While I found that I learned various things it felt a bit light. Maybe I consum...

Carsten Merz

Excellent Guide! It is exactly what I was looking for and saved me a lot of time. Right to the point, easy to understand and not too long. Thank you Caleb, good job. Best regards from Germany

Christopher Talley

Kevin Mitchell

Great course I watched all 29 in one go, so I will probably watch it again many more times to get it all in my head.

Todd MacDonald

Very well done by someone passionate AND knowledgeable. Can't ask for more than that. One note...the Discuss system used for the Discussion area failed to load (tried several times)

Daniel Clem

watched it Top to bottom bout 3 times, first 2 to be sure didn't miss anything, and 3 after almost a year for a refresher. always enjoyable.

leonard campbell

Sam Gabriels

This guy is a masterful teacher. I'm 21 and used to learning from YouTube videos, and this guy was the perfect speed. He didn't skip anything or talk too fast, and I found myself not wanting to stop watching the videos. VERY well done. However, be...

giovanni rivera

Thanks Caleb for this awesome job you did with this guide. You when far and beyond with it. So many things that helped me not just with the G85 but also with the Lumix FZ300. Once again thanks! If anyone is thinking on getting this guide, pleas...

Waldo Lavaut

This was a great course for me starting in the DSLR world and knowing nothing about video, cameras, lenses, etc I am so happy that I found it!

Mike Burke

As always, very good. Thank you Caleb. You are doing a good job. Please keep it up. It really helps noobies like me get up and running with high tech gear.

Todd Wheeler

Kent Gravelle

I thought the course was excellent. It really helped in getting me ready to shoot with my new Lumix G85 camera. Thanks for a great job!! Kent Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Andrew Jarnagin

I have used many types of cameras for video and having an in-depth course tailored to my specific camera is really nice. The information is accurate and very precise. I feel like watching this course has actually helped me make better videos.

Mhd Abdo Roumani

Straight to the point, compact and very smooth. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could because I only have one small complaint about 'Photo Styles' in Mastering video settings, which was a bit too brief. And, it would have been nice if different fra...

Walter Ringleb

Gabriel H Guedes

Thank you for this awesome guide, and well produced/thought videos. I wish you talked about another functions of this camera such as shadows and highlights curve and the 0-255 or 16-255 luminance level thing but I know this camera has a lot to cov...

Richard Fee

This has been exactly what I needed to get up to speed on video and with the G85's capabilities and optimum settings. Highly recommended.

khuram malik

I must admit, I dodnt have high expectations going into this. Many online courses by so-called experts with plenty of "experience" that tend to be awful. Not the case with this. Content was great and comprehensive and the Caleb has really good del...

malcolm peak

Hi im Malcolm from germany and i am really happy to buyed this guyed and have contiious acces to the informations. thank you very much, you are doing great work.


I'm glad I came across this course. If you want to learn how to produce a professional product you have to (pay to play). This course was worth the money.

Lautaro Lipani

Really enjoyed the guide. Full of usefull tips and recommedations even if you own other Panasonic mirrorless. If you like Caleb Pike's Youtube channel you won't regret buying this guide.

Stephen Hain

Great job, I found this series of videos incredibly useful. The G85 was more complex than my previous cameras and it was the positive Utube reviews that convinced me to buy it. Then the challenge was to quickly learn how to access all the features...

MIchael Maneage

I can title this review "Great for Beginners" because I am, indeed, a beginner. For years I've loved film, and have written and acted in friends' material. But I've always been super intimidated about picking up a camera because it seemed too comp...


Tom Bagiotas

All I can say is thankyou. You're videos are pleasant to watch, clear and concise and also helpful. Please enjoy your life

mark Wilson

I bought a G80/G85 3 days before a wedding shoot to use as a backup camera, up to now we have always used Canon but not for long! After watching the tutorial from Video shooter acadermy I was up to speed in a couple of hours. It could be more i...

saeed mohammed

powerful guide , organized content with additional text details and download options , detailed informations and in depth look of the g85 for video work thank you Caleb i ordered the European version of the camera (g80) from uk amazon while w...

Jeff Zack

This course took me from clueless DSLR nube to making great video in one afternoon. As to the comment about the fast talking Caleb, well, that is what pause is for. Great job Caleb, thank you for the helpful course. Four explainer vids this week f...

Erich Keser

There is a lot of good material in this course, however as a long-time Communications, Reports and Presentations and Technical Writing Teacher, it became painfully obvious that Caleb's technical skills and enthusiasm greatly outstrip his pedagogic...

James Garner

I learned in a weekend what would've taken weeks to figure out for myself. Having used DSLR's and HD camcorders in the past I know a little about the concepts but having them explained and specific to the G85/G80 was well worth the money. Now rat...

Daniel Nienhuis

The guide was informative and engaging – well worth the asking price. I'm an experienced Panasonic shooter, but still found it extremely useful. I appreciate the way everything is broken down into manageable sections, as it makes it easy to go t...

Sean Elliott

I have had a G85 for about 4 months now and should have signed up for this course sooner. It really fast tracks working out the best settings. There are so many options in this little camera that it can be hard trying to work out whats the best. ...

Jeffrey Cook

This was a great reveiw with extras. I come from the Canon world and found this review very to the point. I actually rented the camera and needed this to test the camera out. What is the point of renting a camera that you have no idea how to work,...

Jeffrey Meholic

This guide is easily worth its money and then some. Having delt with old DSLRs, mostly Canons, the G85 was a little intimidating. Not only is it a mirrorless camera, but it's also a Panasonic, which I wasn't to familiar with. After watching this g...

Andre Gaulin

Amazing guide and useful content as usual from Caleb. Well worth the $20 investment.

Pedro Gama

Nathanael Wyttenbach

Thx for this guide, was very helpful! The only thing that i, as a german speaking person wished sometimes, was just a few little breaks between sentences😉 But for native english people no problem i guess. Support from switzerland

Grahame Day

I have been using SLR Photo Cameras for years and have really enjoyed doing this course to learn the more complex world of using an SLR Camera specifically to do video production. I particularly liked all the examples in the videos and while I hav...

Brian Blancaflor

I learned videography basics from a Canon G7X and 70D. Wanting to step up my game and dive into 4K, I chose the Panasonic G85. This guide is a must for G85 videographers and vloggers. Caleb's recommendations were spot on. Well organized materi...

Petros Chatzianastasiou

Very well filmed, very well explained and although I already knew most of the stuff it was a pleasure to get the confirmation that I do things right. Also very neat hints and tips and budget recommendations in equipment. Enjoyed every minute, than...

michael pascar

This is a great training! Got a lot of information, wish I can get even more later one day... Big thanks mike

Janis Schibalski

Despite failing to deliver what the advertisement has promised, the course is quite worth the money. Learned some details and get more confidence in stuff I've did before.

Simon Zdrenka

Dragan Ruzic

This is the second camera guide by Caleb Pike that I've purchased and I'm now even more convinced this guy knows his stuff. I started by following the DSLR Video Shooter YouTube channel and enjoyed Caleb's easy going style and lots of nifty tip...

Brian Salisbury

As a newbie to the G85 I found the course to be very informative. I have been busy putting the recommended video settings to use over the past day. I am glad I made this purchase and can that recommend others do the same. I am sure that even mo...

Dejan Simic

Excellent done tutorial for camera Panasonic G85 Definitely enough of essential information, good tips

Frank Grygier

Caleb Pike
Caleb Pike

About the Instructor

Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and youtuber. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

Mastering Video on the G85

This guide is aimed at anyone looking to get the best possible video quality out of their Panasonic G85. By the end of this guide, you’ll know your camera front to back and how to wield it in any shooting situation.


With a little tweaking, this camera is the perfect capture device for youtubers, vloggers, DPs, and wedding filmmakers. Don’t be fooled though, this guide isn’t just a list of recommended settings, we will be going through some film/video theory to master the cinematic image on this little camera.


You will also know what gear you need/don’t need to get great image quality, audio, stabilization and power. Gone are the days of large rigs. Welcome to the age of mirrorless cameras.

Ready to take a good camera and make it great? Check out the guide outline below, and lets get started.

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