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It is pretty simple. One guide with all the information you could possibly need to know about shooting video on the GH5 and GH5s.

  • NEW! GH5s Section added to the guide to cover all the new settings

The Panasonic GH5 is one of the most advanced camera systems available today. With it's plethora of settings, customizations and options, it is hard to learn the camera quickly.

This guide will speed up your learning time so you can stop watching/reading and start capturing high quality footage with this incredible camera.

Check out the guide outline below to see what we will be covering.


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Caleb’ s clear but thorough presentation has been critical for me getting the most out of my GH5. Plus he responds to questions as part of the support. 5 out of five stars for me!

by Scott Maclean

by James Windsor

by Hubert Amiel

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Caleb’ s clear but thorough presentation has been critical for me getting the most out of my GH5. Plus he responds to questions as part of the support. 5 out of five stars for me!

by Scott Maclean

by James Windsor

by Hubert Amiel

Awesome how you present the material so clearly and efficiently! Thank you so much!

by Richard Park

The key to watching videos like this for me, is to get up and running on the product as fast as possible. This one got me up and running fast! Thanks so much!

by Shawn Perry

I learned so much from not knowing much at all about how to really use cameras or the gh5 to having a good handle on the basics and then some. Thanks Caleb!

by Kiko Ellsworth

by Kilian Jarno

by Bas de Ruiter

Really helpful ! Caleb gives you the chance to know everything you need to know about the GH5 in one day if you want to shoot videos !

by Jonathan Hierholtzer

Hi Overall its a very good introduction to the functions and use of the cameras. I definettly feel more confident using my equipment. However I was disappointed that their was no beginners/starter information about processing files out of camera to use in editing software and a few starting points for using codecs. For the price of the guide you could of included this info. Not much good being able to capture and not process?? When you compare the cost to other online guides and education such as Karl Taylor's eduction website or Phlearn for example this guide is pricey in comparison and left me feeling a bit ripped off and not being given all the information i needed to hit the ground running. Why are you not giving full access to all the guides for example?? Regards, Garrett

by Garrett Kiernan

Caleb has a skill for making technical content interesting and making you feel excited about using your camera and getting the most out of it. I watched the Sony a7 iii guide and that was also a great resource. Very happy with purchasing the guides

by Jay Pillay

I am considering the purchase of a GH5s camera. To better understand what that camera is like, I enrolled in the GH5/GH5s course. The level of detail of this course is amazing. Since I have never worked with log before, I found that section especially helpful. I also loved the explanation of how you use vector scopes to calibrate your camera. My takeaway is that the GH5 and GH5s are powerful machines. So much so that if you explore their features on your own it may take you a long time to learn them all. This course offers great guidance.

by Nivien Saleh

by Fernando Marques

Worth every penny. It's a must have if you own a GH5/GH5s.

by Jonathan Sanchez

Excellent guide to the Panasonic GH5(s), very well explained, easy to understand, even for non native English speakers. A lot of information about accessories like external recording, lenses or adaptators (speedbosters or others), how to expose correctly, especially with the V-log profile, how to use in an efficient way the manual and auto focus, etc... The quality of the video, and the voice recording is excellent. Really worth the price !

by Eric Perren

Awesome guide that goes through just about everything you need to know regarding the GH5. If you combine the classes here with his videos on the DSLR Video Shooter YouTube channel and you've got yourself an education on par with a college course. Thanks!

by Alex Taylor

First let me explain I have never owned a DSLR before, nor even a camcorder. After finding Caleb’s YouTube channel I got the crazy idea I could start making training videos for work. Bought a GH5, a few other odds and ends and this course. Turns out I needed a beginners book to cover the things someone who has used more than a cell phone camera before already knows. This course will not bring you zero to hero in theory or post, but makes going between a book that covers only generic camera settings and methods and applying them to the GH5 very easy. It would have been far more difficult to figure everything out without this course, I recommend it greatly.

by Klint Mann

I've used a GH4 and now a GH5 for many shoots, but I learned so much from this course. Caleb not only goes over the operations of the camera, but also goes into the why's and how's of filming. Highly recommended!!

by Stephen Kimmel

As a returning customer and fan of the GH4 guide, I knew this was going to be a must watch. Caleb really exceeds my expectations this time around, with a guide that really speaks to the depth of this camera in a way that both novice and professionals shooters can appreciate. I now feel like I understand my GH5 even more so than cannon cameras I've had for years. I can only hope Caleb makes an extended version for the GH5s! PLEASE CALEB! GH5s!!! TAKE MY MONEY!

by Joseph Kelleher

A phenomenal, in depth explanation of every single thing you need to know about how to use the GH5, and the capabilities of it. I feel like any question I've ever had about it was answered in this course. Highly recommended for any GH5 shooters out there.

by Dylan Wolf

Caleb Pike

Caleb Pike


Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and youtuber. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

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