Sony a6500 Video Guide

taught by Caleb Pike
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Mal Milligan

Very complete

Covered everything I could think of in an easy to follow way. I was a Nikon full frame user for several years shooting real estate photography. So this gave me enough knowledge to feel comfortable with the huge menu system, and get out there to st...


Eliot Savvas

Mal Milligan

Covered everything I could think of in an easy to follow way. I was a Nikon full frame user for several years shooting real estate photography. So this gave me enough knowledge to feel comfortable with the huge menu system, and get out there to st...


Eliot Savvas

Iain Angus

Catalin Bancsov

Like I said really, really good tutorials, easy to understand and cover all you need to get started with your a6500. I also really enjoy the custom buttons that he recommends and they helped me a lot in using with ease the camera in the beginni...

Pep Terrassa

Yiannis Papanastasopoulos

I have literally learned and customised my camera thanks to this guide. I could not recommend it enough! Just switched to A7III and looking to buy this too. Absolutely worth the time Caleb has put into those guides

Cody Roberts

Buy this guide to learn EVERYTHING about the a6500! Great guide!!!

Gladys Gonzalez Duran

Luke van Schaardenburg

antony llamocca

Ralph Quick

The value of this tutorial is concise and excellent to get new users up to speed in the 4k revolution. I invested in the a6500 and was overwhelmed with the manual and it's non-conceptual techno-babble. The why and how a new user needs is not avail...

Ed Yan

Had a hard time going through videos on YouTube to figure out how to set up this camera for videography. This guide broke it down, step-by-step. Thank you!

Didimio Rios

His extensive experience in the field of filming and his commitment to his audience, have enabled him to offer a high quality product, as is this guide to the Alpha 6500, thank you very much Caleb.

David Frearson

This course is a huge timesaver. For me that means I can get out and shoot confidently with the new camera as soon as possible, rather than spending hours fiddling about with endless menus. Highly recommended! I also learned a few new tricks...

Devin Trent

I've only owned Canon cameras in the past so I knew getting use to the Sony menus and functions would take some take but this guide was a major short cut to learning all of the ends and outs of my new Sony camera.

Tom Völker

Brian Groves

Loved this course. Have had experience with multiple Sony and Canon cameras, but this was a great course to really get down to the things that matter for shooting video. Caleb hits on a lot of points that I probably would have found out the hard...

H Tyeb

Amazing course. Looking forward to the A7R3 course!

Tessa Schutz

Thanks for this course! Very easy to follow and understand. I was trying to look up YouTube videos before I found this course, which was leading me nowhere. It's nice to have found a single place to learn everything I wanted to know!

Mario Cartolano

The guide was very thorough especially for the price. I would say this is targeted moreso to those who have less experience with cameras, who don't constantly watch youtube tutorials or fiddle with their camera already, and maybe who are thinking ...

abdul vahid

Brent Stutzman

Caleb had the perfect balance of detail and pace. Long enough to dig deep but not too long where you wanted to skip the video. If you want to get your A6500 set up quick and ready to roll, this is the course for you! It saved me probably 20 hou...

Robert Pennington

javier motero

Amily Chua

Definitely a must for beginner like me. Clear and easy guide along with tips that are useful.

Ryan Schabach

Excellent content and pace...highest quality and very informative!!!

Matthew Tang

Excellent! Great editorial and arrangement on the sections. Strange and clear presentation to make people very easy to get it! Love it! Highly recommended to all of you! Well Done, Bro!

Derak Glover

The early part of the course was not sure if it was designed for someone starting off like me. Equipped with a Sony a6500 and confused with what to do. Needed a real source to guide me through the mind field. A lot of info on YouTube, none of whic...

Ary Hipolito

James Madara

An in depth look at the a6500 without a bunch of filler.

ivan barros

I received the camera and wanted to shoot a corporate video. Before a had a Nikon D800. This guide helped me a lot to know the camera in short time. Great stuff.

Damian Gonsalves

Really enjoyed going through this guide. Concise and gets to the point so I was up and running with my camera in no time. Thanks for the great work!

Ryan Magee

Marc-André Cloutier

I bought the Sony a6500 last week and quickly wanted to have a basic knowledge of the camera to feel confident on my next gig. I have used and owned a Sony a7s, Sony a7sII, Sony a7rII and Sony a6000 in the past so I was already familiar with the i...

Jason Frazier

You couldn't learn the info in this video if you were to just read the manual alone. A huge timesaver. It's not hard to justify the price either - If you could take a friend out to lunch and learn all worthwhile video features of the a6500 in th...

Joakim Ebberyd

Very informative guide and easy to understand. Thank you!

Gavin Emmanuel

I'm at 1.2 just after the intro & I've already got my money's worth! Essential learning for you investment to gain the most from it.

David Foster

I purchased Calebs a6300 course when it came out, because I had just purchased that camera, but based on some reviews I watched, I decided to send that back and go with the a6500, and then when I happened to run into Caleb at NAB Show in Las Vegas...

josh der

If you are a filmmaker and just got an a6500 there will be nothing more helpful than this guide. Super thorough and detailed. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Roman Sapronov

This course is a problem solver for Sony a6500 owners! A+

David Sanchez

This tutorial worths it a lot, it is a must because you will get the most out of this camera but be careful because you will probably spend some money buying some great gadgets in Amazon. You'll love it for sure. David Sánchez

Alessandro CICINO

Fantastic tutorial and perfect explanation for newbies like me. Alessandro

Matt Verkhov

Brett Morrison

Very useful. Happy to support!

Sulieman Al Riyami

David Bharrat

Caleb Pike
Caleb Pike

About the instructor

Caleb Pike is a camera operator, editor, and youtuber. His experience branches from documentary and commercial, to film and educational material.

The Sony a6500 Video Guide is a video course for filmmakers and video shooters looking to maximize video on the a6500. Watch the trailer above for more information and check out the outline below to view the material covered.

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